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Indovator Awards
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Frequently Asked Questions

We consider all projects as good projects. We are no one to judge your creativity and talents. The Indovator Awards is a unique people’s choice awards programme launched by the International Centre for Technological Innovations (ICTI). Indovator a first-of-its-kind online initiative where people choose the awardees by supporting them with crowdfunding. It empowers people to choose innovations that can create impact in their lives, and to review innovators solving India's challenges for sustainable development. All projects that receive public support are best projects!
Our founders at ICTI, believe that technological innovations are very important for addressing challenges in India’s sustainable development. There are a large number of innovations created in Indian universities particularly by youth. Indovator aims to provide them a platform to test public acceptability of their innovation. We understand that most funding agencies support only commercially viable innovations that has been tested and proven. Getting funding for basic research in early stages in very difficult, especially for young researchers who lack knowledge and experience in preparing strong research proposals that may be funded by government agencies. Such early stage research projects can be funded through philanthropic donations. Indovator offers innovators a crowdfunding platform to raise funds through generous donations from family, relatives, friends, colleagues, general public and organisations. Indovator motivates donors to support projects by offering tax deductions for donation u/s 80G, and doubles the impact of their donations by awarding additional matching funds through our sponsors.
Indovator provides innovators a crowdfunding platform for raising funds for their projects through online donations. The success of crowdfunding will depend on the promotion you give for your project through social media, facebook, whatsapp, etc. The initial supporters would of course be your family, relatives, friends and collegemates. We aim to provide awards and further matching funds through our sponsors to projects selected by public via crowdfunding.
The money raised through crowdfunding and other awards will be distributed during the award ceremony held as part of the Indovator Summit conducted in Kerala. Conducted in March / April.
Indovator is a platform for people and organisations to provide philanthropic donations to support innovators in projects benefiting society and India’s sustainable development. Giving charitably may be part of human nature, but sometimes even the most generous donors can benefit from a little incentive. After all, everyone loves to see their fund double, especially when that donation is going to a good cause. Through our sponsors, we aim to provide matching fund for training in commercial scale-up to innovators who raise Rs 25,000 in crowdfunding.
International Centre for Technological Innovations (ICTI) only offers a crowdfunding platform for innovators to raise funds and review acceptability of their project amoung general public. ICTI’s role ends with distribution of awards and providing you the money raised via crowdfunding. However, all prizes are awarded with the expectation that winners will apply the funds toward testing, refining, or scaling their solutions.