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UN SDG Category : Sustainable Cities and Communities
Innovator : sathish bommineni
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Institution : Velagapudi rama krishna siddartha engineering college

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Problem Statement
The boom of online purchases has increased fourfold. The present generation prefers online purchase as it offers variety without stepping out and also easy way of looking at the range. But this has affected the local business stores. We would be solely depending on major players like Amazon and Flipkart.

To bridge the gap and make it easy to the local business person and the buyer we have developed this app Local stores send there products online.products like clothes,gadgets,footwear etc..... We also took into consideration the fact that many times the customer is not satisfied with the product which he sees online. Local business stores will also provide the opportunity to check physically. So one has the advantage of shopping online and physically checking before buying. With this idea we have come out with this idea of Checkit app.

Both users and store owners will be benefited.

this decreases the time on shopping.which help pepole to do other works.

India's Sustainable Development
it generates large amount of data.if we become successfull here, we can extend it to other countries.


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