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Flood Controler

UN SDG Category : Climate Action
Innovator : M. Jo Babu
Project Guide:
Institution : PVP Siddhartha Institute of Technology

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Problem Statement
Natural Disasters: Floods: 1. Collapses the Agricultural fields 2. Damages the cities and Villages 3. Health hazards because of polluted water due to floods 4. Life loss 5. Income Loss 6. Collapses the Constructions

Innovation: Invinited a new machine that control the floods saves human life also saves the agricultural fields. Working explination in systematic way: The flood can be before observed by the sensor and then it gives signal to the machine named flood controller then the machines is made up of coverer, turbine and evaporator by using these the flood can be stopped & it cannot reach the Places we want the machine runs on the electric power the working is very fast and highly efficient. Working Expilnation in technical way: The coverer is fastly spread. It depends on the range of the flood which the input can be taken from the sensor. Before the covers turbine is placed the turbine is connected to the high rpm motor it absorbs the water and send to the evaporator. Evaporator evaporates the water it works on electrolysis process.

The total lives of the people can be saved by stopping the flood. We also save the agricultural fields from distraction which means we save the food. By stopping the flood we can stop the damages of cities and Villages. The health hazards cannot occurs because the water is stopped by the flood controller

The innovation deals with how to stop the flood. It can be stopped by using the flood controller. The flood controller is a machine it stopes the flood it works on elecrcity and it's working speed depends on the flood range.

India's Sustainable Development
There are many places in India in which they are facing problems from Natural disasters like floods by using this invention flood controller we can stop the loss it should helps the Our Country Sustainable development


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