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Sugarcane Trash Mulching Machine for Grapes Farming

UN SDG Category : Climate Action
Innovator : Dhobale Ganesh Prakash, Thakare Sagar Nana, Nikhade Mahesh Tukaram, Bodhare Swapnil Ramnath, Shirke Darshana Shivaji
Project Guide: Mr. Rajendra Shankarrao Chaudhari
Institution : SNJB's late sau. Kantabai Bhavarlalji jain college of engineering chandwad

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Problem Statement
Design & development of sugarcane trash mulching machine for fruits farming. In drought areas, the saving of water is very important for fruits farming. Mulching is one of the best alternative methods to save the water, now a day’s various existing methods of mulching are used like sugarcane trash mulching, maize waste mulching, grass mulching etc. All these mulching processes are done manually, but the main problem of mulching is, it requires more manpower and cost. Sugarcane trash also hurts the labour. So this research gives the solution to solve all the above problems of mulching.

This research will be beneficial to agriculture for fruits farming. In this innovation, sugarcane trash will uniformly spread or distribute on the beds of crops, so it will decrease the quantity and cost of sugarcane trash. As this innovation replaces the existing sugarcane trash mulching method, it will reduce the health issues of labor like hurts & other injuries. This innovation reduces human efforts, cost and time.

In this innovation, the machine will be operated from the PTO of the tractor. Hopper is provided for feeding the sugar cane trash. It consists of screw conveyor which transmits sugarcane trash. Sugar cane trash block will be inserted in a hopper, then it will fall on the screw and then screw carries the material outside, near the root of the tree. The flow rate of sugarcane trash is depending on the speed of tractor, so it can uniformly spread the sugarcane trash on the bed.

The major innovation in this sugarcane trash mulching process is, this system will going to replace the previous time consuming conventional process by automatic mulching of sugarcane trash. The overall system is innovative and unique in the global market.

India's Sustainable Development
This Project is mainly focused on water harvesting problem in India. In this project we are going to boost the mulching process of our country in which we are going to replace the conventional mulching process into Automatic mulching process. As this process is time consuming and costly due to the labour in our project the mulching machine automatically spread the sugarcane trash. So this less time & less costly process is very helpful for Indian farmers, so eventually this will help in India’s sustainable growth and development.


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