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UN SDG Category : Climate Action
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Institution : Sahrdaya College of engineering and technology

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Problem Statement
The problem seeking to address is the most prevailing problem in India, Air Pollution. India is ranks in the top for its polluted air specially hotspots like our capital itself. Out of top 10 most polluted cities in the world India hold 7 of them.

BIOME- An organic air purifier which purifies indoor air pollution, domestically reduces carbon-dioxide and also provides a nutritionally valued product which is more efficient in features compared to conventional air purifiers. The technology is adapted from the large scale Photobioreactors. The design of the airpurifier also provides as an aesthetic futuristic lamp.

BIOME can be used in any enclosed atmosphere like offices,workspaces,areas with large floor area to occupant ratios, laboratories , and similar confined spaces. The domestic application of Biome can help in providing a carbon neutral atmosphere in carbon positive areas as well as reduce carbon dioxide levels. The nutritional products obtained are considered as super food and are high in carotenoids,protein, vitamins and other daily value nutrients.

An air purifier with unique features like - Decreases carbon dioxide - Provides nutritional supplement - Reduces indoor air pollution

India's Sustainable Development
In India's sustainable development Biome can be an apt solution to curb air pollution problems in confined spaces. Surprisingly indoor air pollution is far more greater than outdoor air pollution, and is causing 1.3 million deaths every year in india due to indoor airpollution. Current solutions on indoor pollution concentrates only the confined room areas(sq.ft) and to reduce particulate matter mostly where as Biome concentrates a wholesome solution to the occupant's well being from the air they breathe to nutritional benefits the receive.


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