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Maintenance free foldable bi-cycle

UN SDG Category : Good Health and Well-being
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Institution : Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, Coimbatore

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Problem Statement
Every day, the norms about vehicle emission changes and new innovation is been displayed. Alternative transportation with almost nil maintenance is the need of the town. Both economical & ecological factors should be considered with the intention.

One stop solution is "Maintenance free foldable bi-cycle". As the name implies it is foldable bi-cycle which can be easily portable by anyone. The second thing is Maintenance free solution. In automobile maintenance brings major after purchase investments. This can be minimized by providing an alternative mechanism. The maintenance free is achieved by inculcating pedal braking system and a belt drive with airless tyres in a foldable aluminium frame. The whole bicycle can be folded to a small briefcase for transportation. The whole weight of bicycle after folding will range between 8-12 kg.

The major benefits of the project will be the cost and ecological factors. This project is unique and one of it's kind which plays a major role in transportation industries. In heavy traffic cities like Chennai, etc.. the foldable bi-cycle will effectively function. The beneficiary are as follows. 1. All school & college students. 2. Majority of government school still uses the cycle for students transportation. If this is given to government school students, it benefits then in large scale. 3. Professionals. Still Indian roads are not filled with bicycles but in the near future due to increased in Heath problem and considering environment and current traffic we all will shift to bicycle transportation. By the time it will be available commercially.

1. Maintenance free (95%) pedal braking system with belt drive. 5% is specified to match handling and physical wear and tear. 2. Foldable frame with cross section (I - section) to increase strength. 3. Airless tyres with fabric filled instead of air. No puncher, no need to fill air. 4. Designed to suit 6 year old to 60 year old person irrespective of gender.

India's Sustainable Development
If the project was implemented successfully with proper guidelines, it will create Major impact on automobile industry. There is always scope for improvement in this concept. We can introduce electric drive with the same system. Introduction of IOT system is highly possible. Using these bicycles as public transport and the advantage of folding allows it to enter every home irrespective of differences. In mass production the prize of the bicycle with be around 10,000 INR which suits typical Indian budget. Economy of our country will grow like anything after successful implementation.


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