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Imbalance Regulator

UN SDG Category : Good Health and Well-being
Innovator : M. Vignesh Poopathy, S. J. Sudharshan , J. Srinivasan
Project Guide: Mrs. Vanitha K.
Institution : St. Joseph's College of Engineering

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Problem Statement
Statistically, around 25% of casualties were recorded during the transportation of the patients from the zone of accident to the nearby hospital. This was basically due to the inability to transport the patients safely and faster due to the damaged roadway that are created as a result of minor craters formed during scenarios like floods, cyclones etc.

Our model mainly aims on reducing these kind of casualties by providing a stable or balanced platform albeit a bed which reduces the jerks experienced by the patients inside an ambulance. This is done with the help of MPU-6050 module (Accelerometer and Gyroscope). The variations that are produced by the jerk are sensed by this module. The results are combined and made accurate with the help of Kalman Filter. Then, the filter provides tr=he equivalent signal to the servo motors which makes the platform(bed) maintain its equilibrium axis.

Those who undergo accidents in rural areas and areas with improper roads; Elderly patients who have to be transported with care to the hospital; Transportation of Vital organs for transplantation ; This can also be further extended to Automatic target locking in cameras, Assisting in Crucial operations et

Our model does not involve complex circuits and networks. It mainly concentrates on the software part which plays a pivotal role in construction of the prototype.

India's Sustainable Development
We believe that this model can assist our nation in various fields. This is not just about health care. This can also be extended to various fields like Robotics, Smart Surgery, Drones, SpaceScience and so on. Currently, this model's alternative is available in the form of mechanical suspension which requires more work and are not cost efficient. Our model overcomes both the drawbacks. This can be done at a very considerable rate and certainly lower than that of existing one.


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