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UN SDG Category : Sustainable Cities and Communities
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Problem Statement
In India, around 13 billion people in the world are deaf, dumb and blind. Communications between deaf-mute, the dumb and the blind person have always been a challenging task. The only means of communication available to the vocally liable is the use of “Sign Language”. Sign Language has many communication barriers between Normal people and Disabled people. It is always difficult for Normal people to understand sign language. Deaf-Dumb people find difficulty in communicating with normal people and therefore they cannot be fully part and effective personnel in their societies. This incapability makes them fall apart from being fully effective and dependable personnel in their society as they lack a very important aspect of anyone’s character. As a result, they suffer a lot emotionally as they cannot fully present themselves. Moreover, their self-confidence is lowered making them unconfident and insecure among their society. .

Science and Technology have made Human life addictive to comfort but still there exists an underprivileged group of people who are fighting for finding an innovative way that can make the process of communication easier for them. TalkABLE is a portable android based hand sign recognition system which can be used by disabled people to communicate wider. TalkABLE will provide disabled people with the ability to present themselves with others without any communication barrier in everyday activities. The main aim of the project is to design and develop a user-friendly technology to communicate between the deaf as well as the dumb person and a blind person.

The Beneficiary is Physically impaired people who can communicate easily with the help of TALKABLE with other normal people. This may change their view over the society and the society's view over them. So far they have been segregated/separated from society. This view can totally be changed.

So far there are many ways in converting the sign language which requires several heavy hardware components which are neither easy to operate nor portable. Ours is an android application that does all the above work in ease. It is portable and everybody nowadays has a mobile. apart from sign language conversion, there are even more functionalities that so far no other applications have.

India's Sustainable Development
These Physically Impaired people are separated from society due to their disabilities. Even though through vast improvements and technological advancements there is no proper solution for this problem. We believe that TALKABLE can change all this. Get them their real places in society and allow them to prove what they really are capable of. This might just be an application for us but will change their future.


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