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IoT based Air and Noise Pollution Monitoring

UN SDG Category : Climate Action
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Problem Statement
With the urbanization and with the increase in the vehicles on road the atmospheric conditions have considerably affected. Also, there has been the growth of industries and infrastructure which has caused increase in pollution in atmosphere like air and sound pollution. Air pollution and sound pollution are major constituents for having adverse and harmful effects on environment as well on human beings.To monitor this pollution is a very difficult task. They had to visit the site to be analysed every time they wanted the data.

The present study aims at effective implementation of IoT for monitoring air and noise pollution in the environment which develops a conceptual architecture for a versatile, flexible and cost efficient for monitoring the air by using MQ-7 gas sensor and noise by using sound module for a particular site. The data measured are stored in cloud for future reference and are encoded into the Arduino UNO board. Finally, a study is made to indicate whether air and noise pollution is within the allowable limit for a particular type of location and also remedial measure to be taken will be intimated

As the Internet of Things (IoT) develops, and devices become smaller & more accurate, there is an opportunity for civil engineering to drive greater operational efficiencies as a result of increased access to real-time data. Already designers are starting to include smart features into their buildings, like blinds that automatically move to block the sun using its connection to the internet. With IoT growing and expanding into all areas and its solutions becoming expected conveniences, it becomes important for those in all areas to be aware of it and that it almost certainly will impact their work in the future.

The MQ-7 and sound module are connected to Arduino UNO board which is used as micro controller. For the purpose of webpage hosting, ESP 8266 module is used which serves as Wi-Fi module. The coding for micro controller is done with the help of Arduino software using embedded C language.

India's Sustainable Development
Achieving economic development is vital to a country. But what if it comes at the cost of environmental degradation? With globalization opening the doors of economic development for so many countries, there is a serious concern regarding how far we are being able to save the environment and not hamper its constituents. To understand the impact of economic growth and development on the environment, we need to be aware of the concept of sustainable development as an alternative solution. So, this project plays a vital role to minimize the atmospheric problems and to provide sustainable nation.


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