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UN SDG Category : Quality Education
Innovator : S.Haritha-haritha, R.Jerena
Project Guide: Mr.P.Anbarasan
Institution : St.joseph’s college of engineering

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Problem Statement
There are different boards of education with different standards. So, when students take part in various competitions, there is no equal footing and there are no healthy competition among them. This type of education is not flexible to enable students to obtain optimal learning on their desired stream of course. As the proverb says, "Jack of all trades ,master of none", students are not receiving proper knowledge in the domain in which they are interested in. Instead, they are studying about various other subjects that may or may not be in their line of interest/ career choices for the future. Students from government schools do not have access to various co-curricular activities such as: Robotics, Computer skills and various other skills that other school students have access to.

The right to education is not only the right to access basic education but also the right to receive quality education. There should be a common syllabus that must be adopted by the entire nation’s education system. This would be useful when students attend different national qualifying examinations like NEET, JEE, etc. This will also ensure healthy competition among the students, in achieving their goals, with equal opportunities for the government and the private school students because common education will become an equaliser or equal footing. The Board of Education should be common for all the students till the 8th grade. During this period, the teachers should be able to identify the skill-set of the students in their line of interest and divide them according to their choices. Based on these divisions, the students should be trained in such a manner, that they gain deeper knowledge in their chosen fields of interest. Various value-added-courses like Robotics, Computer, etc. should be conducted in Government schools by specialized training institutes in collaboration with the Government, so that the Government school students stand a chance to compete in par with the private school students.

Abdul Kalam's vision 2020 was a vision that was aimed on and aimed for, students. Only when every student of the nation gets access to equal opportunity, a nation can truly become developed. When this solution is implemented, even students from remote areas will get a platform to showcase their talents and stand a chance to compete from an equal stance with other private school educated students. Nowadays, private institutes consider the Education sector as a business opportunity. If this solution is being implemented, this situation can be effectively curtailed and the chasm between the standard of Education in private schools and government schools can be effectively reduced as well.

Our main idea is to provide equal and fair opportunities to everyone, regardless of their social strata, caste denominations or financial situations. A common board of Education will be implemented nationwide to promote healthy competition among the students. Students will have strong knowledge in their area of interest, thereby making sure a student is extremely knowledgeable in his/her area of interest, by the time they graduate from school; thus, bettering the quality of college going adults, as well as employable adults as well, a situation that will be beneficial, nationwide. Government school students will get access to an increased number of co-curricular activities that the Private school students are already exposed to.

India's Sustainable Development
Sustainability can be attained only when there are fair and equal chances for everyone. Only when the Government comes forward and takes the required initiatives, sustainable development can be assured. As per our proposal, when first preference is given to quality education at the school level and when its existing drawbacks are rectified, a nation which is prosperous, healthy, secure can continue on a sustainable growth path, and growth towards the dreams great men like Abdul Kalam had for our nation, can be achieved.


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