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UN SDG Category : Good Health and Well-being
Innovator : Sruthi C, Kaleel Rahman M, Derrick Gilchrist E, Lakshmi Pooja R
Project Guide: C Ranjeeth Kumar
Institution : Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College

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Problem Statement
Now a days in our society the elderly people who live or spend a significant part of their days all along by themselves has increased drastically.In the case of lonely elders, when a fall happens the chances of providing appropriate attention and care depends highly on detecting the incident and being able to communicate or issue an alarm to healthcare services or family/relatives.

To explore and obtain a (public-domain) dataset to model the Fall Detection System and heart rate monitoring system. To design a fall Detection system using Low cost fall detector. To apply Machine Learning techniques to address the challenges of fall detection.To construct a system that can send an emergency SMS to the contact person and share the location.

The old aged people(age group of 50 and above) become very weak and will have less strength in their body so most of the elderly people are victims of fall or any heart problems .The fall that happens in elderly person leads to many complications.At the worst case this might lead to the demise of the person.This is also applicable for paralyzed and disabled people also.

Our project is cost efficient , compact and accurate and it uses machine learning model.

India's Sustainable Development
Our project does not affect the environment and it does not produce much of the radiations.It utilizes very less energy. It will be a great milestone in the field of medicine. Other fall detection system which uses threshold value and just conditional statement to provide the output. But in our system we use trained Machine learning model with real time data.The existing system just has fall detection or heart rate monitoring but we have both the features in the same model .


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