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Power from Everyone

UN SDG Category : Sustainable Cities and Communities
Project Guide: SREEKANTH R
Institution : St.Joseph's college of Engineering

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Problem Statement
1,Energy Deficiency in Cities 2,Not using Clean fuel for power production 3,lack of Water for drinking and other needs 4,Traffic problem 5,Exponential increase in population

Energy deficiency is there in Cities to withstand the need ,every houses in cities should install minimum 1KW solar panel in their roof tops.This electricity can be directly sent to outlet in separate grid which can be utilized for industrial purposes so that the cost of Battery can be saved.There should be proper solid waste management in all the houses. Rainwater harvesting system should be implement and maintained properly in all the houses and Commercial buildings.Methane can be produced from houses.Car pooling and public transport usage could be done to reduce traffic

All the residents of Cities and Government would be benefited. Since all the persons basic needs are satisfied by all the peoples by active participation and implementation in their houses

1,Production of Electricity directly in to the grid by Solar without any usage of energy storage. 2,Proper maintenance of Rainwater Drainage would maintain water reservoir. 3,To withstand the Energy needs of Huge population of 130 Crores is important that Everyone should Actively involve and produce it. 4,New towns and agriculture should be enhanced to satisfy needs

India's Sustainable Development
This would improve the over all standard of living of people both in rural and urban areas.Industrial sectors power could be satisfied by people so that more number of industries could be build across our country.This would ensure JOB and other needs for people.Mainly it is important that the production of power doesn't affect the nation and it is a cleaner fuel source. Harvesting Sun's energy and implementation of Rainwater harvesting system could complete all needs of the citizens of our country


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