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Online Voting Using Aadhar

UN SDG Category : Sustainable Cities and Communities
Innovator : Padma H V, Shylashree M A, Pooja M
Project Guide: Vinay M G
Institution : Vidyavardhaka College Of Engineering

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Problem Statement
In the present voting system, a person can vote only if their name is present in voters list or the person should be having voter id. If a person does not have voter id then they have to apply for it. In order to cast the vote a person should go to respective polling booth based on the address present in voter id. On the day election, if a person is not able to go to the respective polling booth due to some reason, then he/she can’t vote. One has to stand in queue to vote. Even senior citizens and physically disabled person have to go to polling booth to cast their vote.

It is the web based application where voting is done through online.In order to vote, the user has to use aadhar number to enter into the portal. In Aadhar database, data corresponding to given aadhar number is checked, if the person is above the age of 18 then, user has to give fingerprint and it should match with the data in database. If there is some problem in recognizing the fingerprint, then user can select the option “send OTP” where the OTP is sent to the registered Aadhar mobile number. Then user is taken to voting page where Candidates are displayed according to the user’s pin code (address) present in database. After this process user can cast their vote. Once the user casted the vote he/she cannot cast the vote again, it will be blocked.

Beneficiary of this project are Citizens and Government of India. People need not have to apply for voter id in order to vote. It consumes less time and No hassle of going to respective polling booth and standing in queue to cast the vote. People who have aadhar card, aadhar registered phone with them and whose age is above 18 can vote sitting in any part of world. No need for the government to set up the polling booth in different schools. No need of assigning government officials, police to the polling both for voting purposes.

Innovation in the proposing system is modern technology is been used for voting system. Since Aadhar card is compulsory for every citizen of India, Aadhar number is used for identification number instead of voter id number. Already existing data is used for voting. It is also time saving process for users. In order in to give authentication we have fingerprint recognition and send OTP option to the aadhar registered phone number. With these one can vote sitting in any part of the world. It is very helpful for senior citizen and physically disabled people. In general it is used for all the citizen of India who is eligible to vote.

India's Sustainable Development
Electing a leader for the betterment of the nation is the duty of every citizen. With the help of this portal one can elect the leader easily sitting at home. Voting rate can be increased and chances are there that every citizen will vote. Since this portal is easy to use voting becomes hassle free process.We are providing authentication by fingerprint recognition and by sending OTP to the registered aadhar number. Since the current voting system is complex , the voting system we are proposing is sustainable.


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