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Recyclable units for individual home

UN SDG Category : Sustainable Cities and Communities
Innovator : Reethika.R, Jaswanth suriya.V
Project Guide: Murali.K
Institution : Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Technology

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Problem Statement
Waste generation is a major issue in our modern tech world which is uncontrollable. As population increases waste generation increases. The world moves on technology but the involvement or utilization of technology in recycling waste is depleting. As a result of this current scenario the waste is not collected and disposed properly. Due to the improper disposal of waste in land fills or natural water bodies various health issues are persisting.

The project involves the simplest and easiest way of recycling biodegradable waste. The recycling process is done in a recyclable bin which involves a crusher, microbial seed for anaerobic degradation initiation, removable collecting pit. This method is based on the principle of anaerobic digestion. The waste which is dumped into the bin is crushed by crusher and anaerobic digestion takes place in the slurry. Finally the biodegradable waste is converted into manure or fertilizer for agricultural purpose.

1.Society- proper disposal of waste is ensured. Therefore pollution, spreading of diseases, etc can be eradicated. 2. Common population- in house production of biogas and fertilizers ensures its availability with zero procurement cost.

The main idea is to eradicate biodegradable waste and recycling it into a manure or fertilizer in individual household units. The recycling can be done in a recycling unit, which is small and compact and can be implemented in every individual household.

India's Sustainable Development
Waste is disposed by landfill and incineration. Landfill leads to depletion of nutrients and the soil grade is reduced and the land cannot be used for any other purposes. Incineration leads to air pollution in the surrounding ecosystem is affected by various diseases. In order to overcome the existing problem, We have planned to implement a basic "Self recyclable waste bin" for individual household. It creates awareness among the future generation to reduce the habit of improper disposal of waste. This is inspired from the movement of "Swatch Bharath" (Clean India) which leads to sustainable development.


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