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UN SDG Category : Sustainable Cities and Communities
Project Guide: ARAVINDHAN K
Institution : St.Josephs College of Engineering

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Problem Statement
Skilled officials are loaded with excess of work .The duty of the officials are not clearly listed hence their contribution are either beyond or below designated work.Our aim is to assign their duty effectively and to recognize & promote them accordingly.

A better solution we could offer is to monitor employee's work digitally that is listing out their task and their progress towards it under a transparent system linking employer with the employee. Providing the digital system,the power to monitor will reduce personal conflicts between the boss and the subordinate.A digital assessment can be programmed to offer credits and debits based on their performance thereby if a work has not been completed then the person who has failed to perform his task will be under direct visiblity of the client.

The solution emphasis on no authority interference in an individuals progress. The hard workers are recognized and this transparency gives the employer, the seriousness of responsibility and the fear of losing their dignity when they fail to perform. Thus, its easy to identify the worker's contribution and eluding from the digital assessment gets difficult.Thus the organisation moves towards the sustainable development by the genuine officials.

The conventional method of monitoring has been replaced by digital monitoring system.Here the data is collected in the digitized form and their performance is evaluated automatically.The notifications and direct queries are shared using IoT technology.

India's Sustainable Development
At present due to personal vengeance of envied authorities at higher power,hard workers are left unrecognized.By implementing our idea, they are recognized and we get to know the role of the individual in performing a task.


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