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Planting Avionic Robotic Drone

UN SDG Category : Zero Hunger
Innovator : PRASHANTH PATTAR, Mahanthesh, Lithin
Project Guide: Prof.Malini KV
Institution : Sri sairam college of engineering, Anekal-Bangalore

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Problem Statement
(Now a days we are losing an acre of forest every minute because the people are cutting trees for lots of region and we come up with an idea to recover that destroyed portion and to save environment)Tree planting is very difficult in rural areas by hand and Peoples are cutting Sandal wood illegally and detecting of those peoples is very difficult and Water and Pesticides sprinkling is very difficult in rural ares by using human effort

As mentioned above problems, The drone will plant the trees 1000 plant in one hour and which has a 4 sprinklers for water and pesticides spreading(Sprinkling) and the sandal wood tree cutting is detecting by the help of image processing technology. and the camera is also going to be used for wild life photography.

Former's and Forest Department would be the beneficiary of this project because, As we are all know that in rural side the planting of trees by hand is very difficult and it will take more time and sprinkling of water is difficult by hand and also In forest the sandalwood is cutting people illegally so we are going to detect by image processing technology and it will definitely help full to forest department to detect the criminals

When we come for the innovation planting trees by drone which reduces the human effort and saves lots of time and the technology is ranging from IOT, Mechanics ,Aerodynamics, Fly control system and camera ready operating system and entire integrated design is done by solid works and Spraying of water is also an innovation by drone it will saves lots of time and detecting the sandal wood tree cutting is really help full to forest department.

India's Sustainable Development
Agriculture is lagging because of financial problems in rural ares because peoples are not ready to come for the plating due to difficulties and it will take more time , so we come up with an idea to plant trees by using drone, it will saves lots of time and quick and while we are spreading water we need to walk the entire land , but it will not happen here, the operator will be some where and he will control the drone and detecting the criminals in this generation is very difficult but we can find by the help of drone and Their will be a lots of difference is their in manual photography and wild life photography , if the Govt. Will give permission we are ready for the mass production with less cost and which really really help full to former's and agriculture will increases means obviously the country will develops.


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