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UN SDG Category : Good Health and Well-being
Innovator : R.Jeya Balaji, M.Mega, N.Jemy, G.Siddharth, A.Nisha
Project Guide: C Ranjeeth Kumar
Institution : Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College

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Problem Statement
It can be a challenging task for a visually impaired person to navigate through a room or a hallway without bumping into obstacles and finding locations would be tedious process.They cannot depend on other people everyday to meet their basic needs.Those people need a personal guide from crossing the road to detect what is ahead of them.

An Ultrasonic sensor is used to detect the obstacle in front of them . And it gives the input to the raspberry pi model which is preprocessed to give the output. Which is later given to the bot which is trained by NLP to give the audio instruction to the visually challenged people for their preferred language . It is also embedded with the GPS navigation system to take them to the desired place with the help of their own friendly trained bot.

As always , the visually challenged people are the major beneficiary of this smart device but still it can be used by people with partial eye problems too, for the detection of the obstacle in front of them. It obeys their voice commands such as calling people and play music, to make them free from the real world.

It uses a voice commands.It wirelessly transfers data from phones to the smart glass device . It can be used by both visually impaired people and people who have poor hearing capacity .It is designed in such a way of a user friendly bot.It is a light weight model.It is very much cost efficient with improved algorithm.

India's Sustainable Development
It gives accurate output and is very cost efficient suitable for all ranges of people , even people with partial eye problems too can have access to it . It is eco and user friendly device.It will work with full impact to satisfy the costumers.


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