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UN SDG Category : Good Health and Well-being
Innovator : Shivani kumari, Piyali Saha
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Institution : School of engineering and technology, Jain University, Bangalore- 562112

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Problem Statement
Wasting of leftover food, medicines expiring without being used, old clothes and accessories which are no longer useful to the person and old books that are no more useful to the beholder. This will mostly resolve the problem of acquiring basic needs of life for lower class people and help them to lead a satisfactory.

Our website or webpage will contain all the information about old books, leftover food, old clothes and unused medicines. These information will be filled by the possessor of the item along with the holder's name, address and mobile number. This can be connected to a delivery service company to distribute these items to the needy.

Poor people would be beneficiary of this project as they will be getting food,medicines, clothes, accessories and books. And the person who wants to help the poor but don't have time to help them,they will be able to help them. And also it will help in reducing the wastage of food, expiration of medicines and discarding books as a junk.

It will help in reducing wastage of food and will reduce the death of people due to starvation. It will be helpful for the kids who are not getting proper education due to the high cost of books and hence reduce the illiteracy rate of a country.. It will reduce the wastage of expiring medicines and will be beneficial for the poor who can't afford the medicines due to high cost.

India's Sustainable Development
It will provide the poor necessary needs, proper nutrition and even help the calamity victims to get some of the basic needs. It will also help the people who want to help others by reducing their time of going there and giving, they can directly fill the necessary details in the website and the delivery agent will go and take from them and later it can be distributed to the poor.


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