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UN SDG Category : Sustainable Cities and Communities
Innovator : Karan Keshav S, Glen Femin B, Damodaran R, Balaji V
Project Guide: Chandrasekhar P
Institution : Loyola- ICAM College of Engineering and Technology

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Problem Statement
As we know, a majority of our energy needs are met by conventional, non- renewable resources like coal and petroleum. These resources are not going to last much longer. Depleting them would cause an energy crisis and destabilisation of our planet. This would cause a catastrophe. These problems must be taken care of as soon as possible, in order to avoid major disasters both worldly and economically. BREAKER ENERGY is a small step to move forward towards a sustainable and renewable clean energy. It aims to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels which would provide energy and eliminate pollution.

BREAKER ENERGY is a mechanical setup which produces energy from speed breakers and moving vehicles. The bottom of the speed breaker is connected to a connecting rod by means of a gudgeon pin. The bottom of the connecting rod is then fastened to a crankshaft. When vehicles slow down and move over the speed breaker, the speed breaker moves to a defined lower position, which causes the connecting rod to reciprocate which in turn causes the crankshaft to rotate. Since the crankshaft is connected to the gears with the suitable gear ratios to achieve optimum output. Thus, this rotary mechanical motion is converted into electrical energy with the help of an alternator. The original position of the speed breaker is achieved with the help of coil springs.

As a beginning step, this technology aims to power the street lights, traffic lights and traffic cams. Some street lights, traffic lights and traffic cams work on solar power. The solar panels costs are higher, while BREAKER ENERGY may prove a more economical method for energy production. Even public WiFis could be provided using the power produced from BREAKER ENERGY.

There are similar technologies in which a rack and pinion setup is used. In this setup, the pinion rotates both clockwise and counter-clockwise due to the reciprocating action of the rack. BREAKER ENERGY eliminates this unnecessary motion.

India's Sustainable Development
Sustainable development is the development using the resources without the compromise of the future generation. BREAKER ENERGY is a small step that aims towards this. India has a vast population. About 22 out of 1000 people own cars. This technology is and will be a better solution because, the number of vehicles will be increasing. If not IC engine operated vehicles, electric vehicles will be on the roads. So there will not be any depletion in the vehicle population. A simple, cost effective technology that could be a small step towards aiding Sustainable Cities and Communities.


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