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UN SDG Category : Responsible Consumption and Production
Project Guide: Mr.N.ARUNACHALAM

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Problem Statement
Diseases in plants cause major production and economic losses as well as a reduction in both the quality and quantity of agricultural products. Real-time monitoring of agricultural crops is increasingly important because of the involved huge economic impact. The automatic identification of crops, as early as possible during the agricultural season, is an important issue supporting agricultural policies. Now a day’s plant diseases detection has received increasing attention in monitoring the large field of crops. This project enables the simple plant leaves disease detection system that would facilitate advancements in agriculture. Early information on crop health and disease detection can facilitate the control of diseases through proper management strategies.

The primary objective of the project is to develop an application for the identification of crops, weeds, diseases and pest damage and nutrient deficiency symptoms. The application has user selection features like Parameters to identify – Crop, Weed, Pest damage, disease damage and nutrient deficiency. The android application should have access to the device’s camera. Prior to developing an extensive database of photos of Crops, weeds, other plants, trees, symptoms in the leaves that have been caused by pests, diseases and also typical examples of major and minor nutrient deficiency symptoms are needed. Algorithms for object detection and Image classification, Pattern recognition algorithms are developed to provide a close match for all possible inputs and further get the most likely matching of the inputs.

Nowadays farmers are struggling with the newer types of diseases, weeds and nutrient deficiencies with crops, they do not have an idea of how to overcome those issues. As a result, they meet with a huge amount of loss. Indian soils have been used for growing crops over thousands of years without caring much for replenishing. This has led to depletion and exhaustion of soils resulting in their low productivity. The average yields of almost all the crops are among the lowest in the world. This is a serious problem which can be solved by using more manures and fertilizers. Through this SOW application prediction of diseases that might manifest to the crop and provides information with the various diseases that might arise for that particular plant

This application has many user selection features like crops, Weed, Pest damage, disease damage, a nutrient deficiency that helps in the identification and classification of crops. The application has access to the device’s camera. It has an extensive database of photos of Crops, weeds, other plants, trees, symptoms in the leaves that have been caused by pests, diseases and also typical examples of major and minor nutrient deficiency symptoms. It also provides general information about the crops including average profit, rainfall and much more in a simplified manner that a farmer with simple knowledge can understand. By fetching the farmers current location, a farmer can be made to communicate with the nearby available Researches provided by Krishi Vigyan Kendras(Agricultural extension centres created by ICAR and its affiliated institutions at the district level to provide various types of farm support to the agricultural sector). The aim of KVKs portal is to transfer the technologies developed by the agricultural scientists to the farmers in a fast and effective manner. Usually in existing system authentication is provided by signing in with email id and password but in our application for more security purpose, the authentication is provided by scanning author’s QR code, since it is unique to every individual user. Future enhancements like video suggestions, marketing of the seasoned crops, detecting the age of the plant can be added to the system.

India's Sustainable Development
Farmers are the backbone of a nation. Yet they are still facing several problems. We believe that this solution can make a big change in their lives.


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