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UN SDG Category : Quality Education
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Problem Statement
India is one of 135 countries in the world to have made education a fundamental right when the Right to Education Act came into force in 2010, but much of that act has remained on paper and controversies have dogged its implementation. Majority of India still lives in villages and so the topic of rural education in India is of utmost importance. A survey named called the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER), shows that even though the number of rural students attending schools is rising, but more than half of the students in fifth grade are unable to read a second-grade textbook and are not able to solve simple mathematical problems. Quality and access to education is the major concern in rural schools as there are fewer committed teachers, lack of proper infrastructure, textbooks and learning the material in the schools.

Viberoom is a classroom in Virtual Reality that helps people from all over the globe connect and take online classes, video tutorials and online tuition in a much more immersive and interactive way. It comes with all the tools that students normally use in a classroom and more. Viberoom can also be used as your own alone workspace. Viberoom also comes with its own AI that helps you learn in class through the day!

The Blooming young minds that are the students are the major beneficiary of this solution. Parents don’t want their daughters to cover long distances from school. Girls’ education goes beyond getting girls into school. It is also about ensuring that girls learn and feel safe while in school. It includes ensuring that girls do not suffer disproportionately in poor and vulnerable households—especially during times of crisis—and advancing skills and job opportunities for adolescent girls and young women. All this can be changed through VIBEROOM.

So far there is no similar solution to this problem. Moreover, apart from AR learning, there are several components that could help the students much more. We have components like GreenBoard, WhiteBoard, VideoBoard, Bookshelf and even an AI assist STUDIOUS. STUDIOUS assists you in making notes and getting the proper book from selves through Voice Commands

India's Sustainable Development
The technology faces new boundaries and challenges every day. We have to find new ways to teach our budding innovators, it is our duty to do so. The objective of our work is to create a teaching model which can interact with the students to teach them their concepts in a far more fun way. This might make each and every student even in Villages to get educated. Thus making the country a real superpower.


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