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Energy meter 2.0

UN SDG Category : Responsible Consumption and Production
Innovator : Akash M B
Project Guide: Mr. S Rajesh Kannan
Institution : St josephs college of engineering

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Problem Statement
Electricity usage is increasing day by day, an effective measure is necessary to ensure that the consumption of electricity is regularly monitored and notified to the user, it should also ensure that the user sets goals and achieves them in a regular manner.

Consumption of electricity is increasing day by day. When there is a fitness tracker to track our everyday fitness, The project aims at producing an energy meter with a consumption tracker which monitors usage and provides insights at our consumption and gives us an idea on how to reduce the consumption and suggests improvements to our everyday life. We can also remotely switch off our mains when accidentally left on while we are away to save power, the meter has much more functionality to save power and our appliances from power surges.

The scope of this project is large and it’s tuned to the usage of its customers, in the initial phase the project is aimed to benefit Households and small scale industries where the power loss due to negligence is maximum.

It's a refined and redesigned design of the existing energy meter that doesn't cost much to buy but helps us to save more in our EB bill, we have adjusted ourselves to the “Set goals and reach them pattern” this meter does exactly the same.

India's Sustainable Development
"I Will try and reduce my electricity bill next time" will no longer be an excuse because this energy meter (can be used standalone or as an add-on to existing energy meter) will help you save your EB bill, this meter thus helps people to save electricity and ensures that unnecessary consumption is avoided, Electricity that is not put to proper use and wasted is considered a National Waste, this project aims at curtailing the Energy wastage and use it wisely thus helping india to move in the path of sustainable development. It is also programmed to automatically update the current reading to TNEB thus aiding in automation of energy sector in india.


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