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UN SDG Category : Clean Water and Sanitation
Innovator : GOGUL V K S, Santhosh P Y, Abilaash N, Thalif Kader Mohideen A, Santhosh kumar M

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Problem Statement
About 238 tonnes of plastic waste are found in the Indian Ocean. These plastic wastes affect the marine ecosystem. Hence it is necessary to clean the waste in the ocean and make the water pollution free. Come up with an invention to collect the plastic waste in the oceans and make the water free from pollution.

The waves in the sea make the plastic driven away to the seashore from the sea. The seabin captures the waste floating in the shores. The seabin is made to float on water thus the water along with the garbage enters into it. The garbage is retained in the porous collecting bag and the water passes through it. The water at the bottom of the seabin is taken away with the help of pump. Eventually vacuum is created at the bottom that pulls the collecting bag downwards and water along with garbage again enters into the seabin. This process is continuously repeated. Once the collecting bag is full it can be taken out and the waste can be removed and the bag is again placed inside the seabin.

In general, the seabin project will be beneficent to all human beings. Lots of fishes wash up to the shore due to the affect of plastics and drastic water conditions The marine life can be turned into a better environment. The oceans and seas can be free from toxic and chemical substances. The sea food which we consume can be made safer. There will be a increase in aquatic life. Eventually, making the fisherman and the sea side locals have a better income. Clean beaches will give a beautiful view.

The Seabin is more efficient than a marine worker walking around with a scoop net. Built from recycled materials, the Seabin is fixed to a dock with water pump running on shore power. The seabin is completely automatic and requires very low maintenance.

India's Sustainable Development
At present there is not any notable solution to collect the plastic waste in the seas and ocean. This invention may be an initiative to start the process of cleaning the ocean to make the water pollution free. Due to the presence of waste in the ocean the fishes do not live comfortably in seashore region. As this invention can clear the waste it makes the fishes to live freely in the water. This could be useful for the fishermen to catch more fish and improve their economy.


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