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Smart health monitoring system

UN SDG Category : Good Health and Well-being
Innovator : Gokulaprasath .P
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Institution : St. Joseph's college of engineering

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Problem Statement
Everyone using smart watch to measure heart rate and body temperature. the value shown by smart watch are not stored and has less application compare to cost. the smart band are ideal in state when we press button to check the parameter they turn ON and display the value in screen. this method is equal to went to an Hospital and check heart rate and body temperature.

To store all the value like heart rate and body temperature in cloud using IoT. In cloud all the value are store and machine learning algorithm for prediction of heart attack uses these data to train them. these ML algorithm predict the heart attack and send emergency alert message to neighbor and doctor

Every one get beneficiary by this project why because Heart attack is common to all we can't say he/she only get heart attack. Band with IoT store all value in cloud. so, patient can monitor from anywhere in world and get suggestion from two or more doctor easily with cloud data. if a person get heart attack we get notification about a person condition with GPS location.

store value like heart rate and body temperature in cloud, monitor the data in cloud, ML to predict when patient can get heart attack, emergency alert message system

India's Sustainable Development
Current population of India is 1.3 billion people and 17% of death rate of India is cause only by heart attack. In New Delhi a research council say that in 26 year it raise by 36%. we all know Indian population is exponential growth. so, the death rate cause only by heart attack is around equal to 0.5 billion people. my innovation can prevent the death cause by heart attack. Now there is no solution exist for a person who got heart attack indicate there neighbor about her condition and share GPS location to them.


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