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Innovation To Sanitation through Empathetic Design

UN SDG Category : Clean Water and Sanitation
Innovator : Meenu Preethi K, Madhumitha P G, Jeevitha Magdalene J, Hari Rajan K, Jeeva C S
Project Guide: S P Vedavalli
Institution : St Joseph's College Of Engineering

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Problem Statement
According to UNICEF , 2.3 million people worldwide do not have access to basic sanitation facilities.They expected to use the unsustainable and overflowing pit latrines or holes in the ground.People have to resort to open defecation or having to go to the bathroom in full view of other people which leads to a host of both mental and physical health problems. According to the World Health Organisation , world as a whole spends over 260 billion dollars each year on water sanitation and hygiene related disease prevention.These diseases cost the lives of 1 million children every year meaning that 4,000 children are dying from preventable wash related disease every single day.Hence , the problem of sanitation and lack of clean water affects the overall sustainable development and poses a threat to the overall development.

Taking into account this rising problem ,we have come up with an empathetic design of the Toilet that could be easily provided to the rural areas in a inexpensive manner.The implementation and cost of it is much easier compared to the original one.It is an inexpensive, eco-friendly mobile toilet that could convert the waste into the renewable energy.It can be designed for sitting and squatting,which is common practices in some places across the country.It can be placed directly on the ground,or it can be elevated by adding an attachable base.It can also function with or without water ,which is the main benefit for the countries that do not get water annually all the time.All the above features along with other,intended to help curb contamination and the spread of diseases.

People all around the world who are in lack of clean water and sanitation problems would be beneficiary.All the age groups starting from the young children to the adults would get solution to the sanitation problem because this innovative technology help them to achieve sustainable development and being prone to the diseases.Among the people,the main beneficiary is to the young girls who frequently drop out of school because lack of proper facility of sanitation.The project would also helps grow other sustainable development strategies of education and health maintanance .The project ensures to reduce the disease spread due to lack of sanitation.

The more particular novelty in the project is it converts waste that is obtained into renewable energy that can be recycled again.The system also features a waste collection unit that can go up and below the ground,which separates the waste into liquids and solids.The manually operated bidet can be attached for its easy operation

India's Sustainable Development
Clean water and Sanitation to all is the India's major Sustainable goal to be achieved.This field of sustainable development had less techniques implemented compared to the other problems.The techniques that have implemented till now has not reached to all parts of the nation especially to rural and economically weaker sections of the society.Our innovation is a cheap method of achieving clean sanitation that estimates about Rs.2000 per system implementation.The government can still reduce the cost by its contribution.Our system consumes less water and can operate both with and without water.This enables the system implementation even in drought areas.It is better than other existing solution in aspect that the wastes are recyclable and converted into renewable energy.


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