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UN SDG Category : Good Health and Well-being
Innovator : Arangan Rishikesh T, Arvind GK, Akshaya S
Project Guide: Mr. Chilambarasan M
Institution : St. Joseph College Of Engineering

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Problem Statement
Nowadays many old aged people die due to cardiac arrest, Mainly when they're alone at home, while their family members are out for work or some other places. So they might have nobody to help them at that instant (i.e) during the cardiac arrest.

The above problem can be overcome by using the health monitoring device which can detect and alert the concerned person's relative or the neighborhood hospital in case of emergency. This ring will be connected to wifi or mobile, so that it has the required connectivity options. Also to minimize the size of the ring, The charging port is removed and the ring is charged wirelessly.

This device may save many lives and relationships. This device could be used to monitor the health of the patient and also help in emergency situations.

Ringod is not a new one of its kind, Already there are rings which are used to measure the sleep and activity tracker (i.e) Oura Ring & other local devices. But the innovative thing is that, this device would report the nearby hospital about the patient ( Which alerts the hospital about the situation) and dial for emergency (i.e) Ambulance

India's Sustainable Development
In India, most of the old aged people do not like to wear watches and bangles, but most of the people wear rings, This adds to the positive side.


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