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UN SDG Category : Zero Hunger
Project Guide: Dr.J.SUJITHA
Institution : Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College

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Problem Statement
India is going through a deep agrarian crisis. The centre for study of developing societies (CSDS) says that ,there are 76% farmers across 18 states who prefer some other work rather than farming. Owing to the poor yield of crops described to climatic changes and negligent about the soil guidelines like commendatary soil domain for root growth nutritients,pH,humus content(manures), minerals,soil organic matter , environment factors ,soil temperature etc., Soil fertility is also cotrived by constituents like climate, vegetables, topology,inherent capacity of soil to supply nutrients, physical conditions of soil,soil age,micro organisms,soil composition etc.

On account of the problem statement mentioned,we have brought in an explication that would facilitate agronomists and agriculturists about a facile way to be aware of the soil's condition and govern soil's fertile nature.Initially the soil is examined with assorted set of sensors like optical sensor, digital pH meter,soil moisture sensor, electron magnetic sensor,barometric Sensor with GPS. We have also come up with the idea to find the crop type with the help of processed data using Machine Learning and predict the complete lifecycle of the crop.

The paramount recipient for the solution alluded are the agriculturist,cultivators and agronomists. This product lend a helping hand for the people to aware of the nutrients content of the soil. It also assists in finding the soil parameters and environmental factors that Intutes the fertail natural of the soil. The enumerated details of the above mentioned parameters guides the farmers to find the best crop than can be sown and grown in that particular soil with accurate yield percentage using Machine Learning. This upshots to an increase in crop production rate .

The uniqueness of the product is monitoring the crop for the whole time from the time it is planted to the time it is harvested. The overall sustainable of the soil is maintained.Machine Learning plays a vital role by using data analystic to find exactly what crop is ideal in that particular soil and predict the complete life cycle of the crop.

India's Sustainable Development
India brings a substantial amount of technological development in conjunction with agriculture for sustainable future. As agriculture is the paramount source and the imminent death of the hours,our product would aid the farmers for high productivity, good quality crops and maintain soil's fertile natural for next generation agriculture and as the result helps in Indian sustainable development. The main divergence of our product from existing system is that ,it has a precise accuracy in calculating the various soil parameters and predicting the best crops for better yield.


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