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UN SDG Category : Quality Education
Project Guide: Mr. B. Mohankumar
Institution : Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, Coimbatore

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Problem Statement
Existing system the feedback is done by manual process. In the existing system students can give feedback about the lecturers by using paper and pen. After giving feedback by every student Papers are collected by the teacher and calculate the overall grade for each lecturer. In the existing paper work related to leave management, leaves are maintained using the attendance register for staff.The staff needs to submit their leaves manually to their respective authorities. This increases the paperwork & maintaining the records becomes tedious. Maintaining notices in the records also increases the paperwork.

Nowadays, educational Institutions are paying increasing attention to the views of Student’s on the involvement in learning and teaching through feedbacks. Online Feedback System is a web application which provides base for the schools/colleges to conduct student’s feedback online.The Student Leave Management System (SLMS) is an web based application that can be accessed throughout the organization. Student Leave Management application will reduce paper work and maintains record in more efficient way. In order to maintain a good recognition at college, the management does every possible aspect in maintaining the qualities of the lecturer’s. In future more features realted student's quality education will be included.

Beneficiaries of this project are student , staffs and institution because this project can be used to take survey on quality of lecture's from students. Student Leave Managemnet System also helps the students to apply on-duties, leaves online reduce paper works. Feedback management system helps the institution to increase their quality.

My innovation can help the institution to increase their quality and students to transform from writing leave letter to online era and make them feel easy in applying leaves and in faster way. This can be implemented in every institution to find the quality of education and improves student's education quality.

India's Sustainable Development
Youngest nation of world is India . Through good education only good generation of youngsters is created so by implementation of my innovative project will improve quality education of institution and government can directly take survey on any colleges with this system. Students switching to online leave system also helps institution to find student's performance and take personal care of students also improve's quality education.


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