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Sustainable Management of resources

UN SDG Category : Sustainable Cities and Communities
Innovator : Iswarya.B, Herena Joshika A.S, Priyadharshini.N, Kanishma .S, Ilamathi.S
Project Guide: Dr.A.Jamna
Institution : St joseph's college of engineering

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Problem Statement
PRODUCTION PROBLEM 1. *Battery cars often take 30 hours minimum to recharge and less than one day to discharge. Their efficiency is poor. We need to upgrade the material of battery cars. *Purification of water needs more cheaper alternatives. *Silicon solar cells are less efficient to store large amounts of energy. 2. A lot of clothes are thrown away even after a slight tear. If they are mended again, they will look like rags. Due to this reason, they are thrown away. We need to find ways to reuse them again. 3. Appliances that emit light (e.g. tube lights, bulbs etc) cause wastage of energy in the form of heat while emitting light. We need to use some other alternative materials for emitting light.

1. * Supercapacitors made out of graphene can be used instead of batteries used in electric cars. They take only 30 seconds to charge. *Graphene filters are more cheap compared to other methods like desalination(13 trillion dollars) *Graphene solar cells can store more energy than silicone solar cells and 86% more efficient than the latter. 2. Government can clean these thrown clothes which still have strong fabric and give them to poor people who know how to stitch clothes and asked to create new designs with the existing clothes. The new designs can be sold in ration shops. Thereby, generating revenue while also providing a source of employment for the poor. 3.Instead of using normal lighting appliances like tube lights, bulbs etc, we need to use Infrared LED. Below the IR LED, a solar cell is placed directly below the lR LED. The reflected light can be made to fall downwards by using a mirror. Thereby, IR radiation is absorbed by solar cell; at the same time, Light is also used. Thus, the energy absorbed by the cell can be stored and used later.

1. *Electric cars that use graphene supercapacitors as batteries can reduce pollution. Graphene filters reduce the cost. Graphene filters and graphene solar cells improve economy of the country.Thereby, benefit the environment. 2. The poor people can afford clothes of better quality if this idea is implemented. 3. By using IR LED and the given setup, energy can be further utilized, thereby saving the environment.

Our ideas are noteworthy because they are cheap and more efficient. The third idea helps mankind to preserve nature while using it; in short, sustainable nature of the idea is noteworthy.

India's Sustainable Development
If it gets implemented, utilization of energy is maximized. Thus, it helps in sustainable usage of resources.


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