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UN SDG Category : Good Health and Well-being
Innovator : Abishai Jacob, J. Bastin Joemics, Ishwarya Thiagarraj, A.ABHISHEAK, R. K. Asmitha, HARISH KUMAR.B, Emmanuel Patrick
Project Guide: Dr. P.EZHILARASI
Institution : St Joseph's College Of Engineering

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Problem Statement
Smoking is one of the main reasons for many lung related diseases and in specific lung cancer.More than 7 million people die everyday due to tobacco intake around the world. The use of tobacco under the age of 20 has increased double fold. Youngsters start smoking for the sake of fun and later find it difficult to stop smoking. So what's the best solution? Our product anti cig is a solution for this , where our product is a device that looks and works like a cigarette but actually is used to make the person stop smoking.

Our solution is creating a new way to solve smoking (ie) we are going to try to use a lead free energy source .Our solution is quite simple and yet very will also be affordable to people.Our product unlike cigarettes, isn't toxic and doesn't cause any harm to the people who use it or people who inhale it.To reduce the risk of deaths and in addition we will be adding a nicotine patch to the mouthpiece of the anti-cig which will help the user to reduce or completely stop smoking.

It will be beneficial to every smoker who wants to try and stop smoking..Its also quite easier to stop smoking using our idea because it kind of stimulates smoking effect without the actual effects.we use an organic liquid which is converted to vapour. Every teenager who started smoking unintentionally and every grown man who wants to stop smoking. It will save countless of lives. it is beneficial not only to humans but also to the environment.Smoking doesn't only affect the person smoking,it affects the people and the environment surrounding the smoker.

It's noteworthy and it will save many can potentially stop smokers from smoking and can be an alternative to smoking which does not affect our health even slightly. Our product will change the whole idea of cigarettes and smoking.

India's Sustainable Development
The existing solutions cannot surely stop smokers from smoking…Only if the smoker is extremely determined to stop smoking they can stop by the existing solutions.our solution will replace the existing cigarettes with our products which will drastically reduce the cigarette smoking. This in turn will help in india’s sustainable development.


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