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Water Deficit Management

UN SDG Category : Clean Water and Sanitation

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Problem Statement
Every year millions of people, most of them children, die from diseases associated with inadequate water supply, sanitation, and hygiene. Each day, nearly 1000 children die due to preventable water and sanitation-related diarrhoeal diseases.The water scarcity has grown to such high levels that we have to do some this for it.What are the efficent ways to reduce water scarcity?

Five innovations which help to solve the global water crisis has been suggested below: *DRINKING BOOK: Book is made up of filter papers, which can filter up to 99.99% germs. *WATER SEER: It is similar to a well like structure.The WaterSeer uses the surrounding environment to extract water from the atmosphere. In ideal conditions, it can collect 37 litres of water a day.This can be used in desserts to produce clean water. *SOLAR CROP: This method involves the development of crop using solar pump(using solar energy to power water pumps) and the excess energy is given back to the grid(as power) .It has the advantage of triple win. *FOG CATCHER: It captures the moisture from fog and converts it into water by the process of condensation. *GRAPHENE FILTER: It is used instead of desalination process.It can be used as the last ditch effort in the process of fresh water management.It would reduce the energy cost of conventional reverse osmosis desalination by 20%, while withstanding higher pressure and temperatures.

People would be beneficiary because they would get fresh water, By using solar crop,both the farmers and the state government would be benefitted ,because the farmers can increase their income by using less amount of electricity and the state government can increase the power reserves.

This project is existing in other countries .If this is implemented in India then India would be greatly benefitted because drinkable water can be produced in many places where there is no access to pure drinking water the novel thing about our project is that we are sending the excess power generated by the solar pumped motors to the grid.

India's Sustainable Development
India's sustainable development depends upon on the development of resources.One of the main resource in India is "water".our innovation aims in providing clean and sustainable water for all the people in india,rather than using the non-renewable energy resources,we can use the renewable energy sources to reduce the water scarcity and increase the clean water supply.The gross domestic product(GDP) of India can also be increased,so that it can be one step ahead to become a developed country.The existing solution involves the construction of dams and wells to store the rainwater and use it during the summer seasons but our innovation minimises the water scarcity during excess summer and manages excess water during the winter season. It can increase the farmers income and increase the state electricity reserves.It can be affordable by all the people in India.


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