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Deliver The Poor

UN SDG Category : Zero Hunger
Innovator : Abishai Jacob, HARISH KUMAR.B, Emmanuel Patrick, R. K. Asmitha, J.BASTIN JOEMICS, A.ABHISHEAK, Ishwarya Thiagarraj
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Institution : St Joseph's college of engineering

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Problem Statement
Many people around the world die due to hunger, due to unsanitary food intake and also due to lack of food available. The WHO has announced more than 20% people go hungry every day in the world and that is a very pathetic and sad news. World hunger is a serious threat. So we have come up with what we think is the best solution.

We have decided to create a app. This app will help the residents and hotel managements to contact us if they have any leftover food. This food will be tested and sent to the poor and those who don't get enough food to eat. This app will help government NGO's and other social services to provide food much easier to the underprivileged.

The poor, the underprivileged, rural villagers, refugees and the street side beggars. The demand for food has been increasing in an alarming rate. Isn't it time for us to do something? So as to help the poor people and the underprivileged we have come up with this solution. It may not completely end world hunger. But we think this is the next big step we students should take towards a better world.

This app will change the way NGO's and social services work. The poor will get more food and wastage of food will reduce. The underprivileged will become privileged. We will make sure to deliver good quality and top food. This might not help much, but we are determined to end world hunger.

India's Sustainable Development
This is an exceptional app and we think there aren't any apps available which provides this service. And this app will save millions of life if we manage to make it work. The existing solutions do not encourage people to give away the leftover food to the poor. We we will manage to do so by adding points system ie the more they give the more points they'll get with which they will be able to purchase products. I think it's high time we face problems affecting rural places. We will develop this app and take a step forward to end world hunger.


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