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UN SDG Category : Climate Action
Innovator : Abishai Jacob, HARISH KUMAR.B, Emmanuel Patrick, R. K. Asmitha, J.BASTIN JOEMICS, A.ABHISHEAK, Ishwarya Thiagarraj
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Institution : St Joseph's college of engineering

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Problem Statement
The increase in the number of plastic use has been increased drastically and this has led to soil erosion and many other causes.Plastic are the most affordable and easily available items in the current world. Plastics are cheap and easy to make and are equally durable. They also get discarded easily. These qualities are the ones making plastics a huge pollution menace. Plastics are used as packaging materials, in home utilities, plastic bottles, straws, plastic paper bags, cans, and the list goes on.Whenever they are disposed, they take hundreds of years to decompose and their continued stay in the environment does great harm. When burnt it pollutes the air, when disposed in the landfills it causes land pollution, and when dumped into the water it pollutes the waters eventually leading to other secondary impacts.plastics are the cheapest and most affordable materials to manufacture, their production has tripled in the recent decades to take care of the ever rising consumer demands. Because of this quality, plastic has been used to make almost every single utility including plastic water bottles, plastic cans, straws, plastic paper bags, packaging wrappers, carton linings, food containers, lids and the list goes on and on. Plastics may be cheap and affordable to manufacture, but in a similar manner, it leads to a heavy toll on environmental pollution.What will be our solution?

Everyday use of domestic wastes such as onion peel etc can be used to recycle to make paper. We have decided to create a simple model which can be used at home to make paper bags. We will make paper bags capable of carrying the same amount as that of the plastic.They look like paper bags but are made of materials like natural starch and vegetable oil derivatives. If placed in a glass of water at normal temperature, an EnviGreen bag dissolves in a day. And when placed in a glass of boiling water, it dissolved in just 15 seconds! These bags take less than 180 days to biodegrade naturally once discarded. So users can throw them away without worrying about harming the environment. The bags are even edible and will cause no harm to animals if ingested.the manufacturing process for these bags is entirely different from that of plastic, cloth, or paper bags.All raw materials are first converted into liquid form and then taken through a six-step procedure before the end product is ready.We don’t use any chemicals at all.the cost of one EnviGreen bag is about 35% more than that of a plastic bag, but 500% less than that of a cloth bag. “To give you a rough idea, an EnviGreen bag measuring 13 inches by 16 inches costs Rs. 3, while a plastic bag with the same dimensions will cost Rs. 2”.our bags will cost less than these bags which will ultimately leads to cleanliness and hygiene but it has larger objective of putting India in the league of nations working towards technological develpment for future.

Mother earth and all of us humans as it will reduce the use of plastic which will ultimately lead to a clean environment and at the same time send a message globally about the importance of environment protection.stores can lower prices, helping shoppers save $18 to $30 annually. Plastic bags are not biodegradable: When plastics bags become litter, they pollute the oceans, rivers, farmlands, cities, and neighborhoods.our project , which equals less litter and less pollution.Paper bags are recyclable. The eco friendly bags are mostly made materials that are easy to get decomposed by bacteria and other microorganisms.They help in cutting down toxic waste.Paper bags are reusable, great energy saver and helps to conserve natural resources and ultimately leads to a clean and safe environment for our upcoming generations.

This innovation is targeted to be set up in every house and super markets which occupies some space but it's our own responsibility of each human being to ensure that our environment is clean and safe for us and our future generations.And on further development we will be uploading the following data base on the internet using IOT setup which ultimately requires internet but it won't be a big issue as DIGITAL INDIA PROJECT is under construction.

India's Sustainable Development
India consumes an estimated 16.5 million tonnes, about 1.6 million truckfulls, of plastic annually, as per this June 2018 report in Down to Earth that cites data provided by PlastIndia Foundation, a conglomeration of associations and institutions that deal in plastic. Of this, 43% is plastic manufactured for single-use packaging material that will mostly find its way into garbage bins, the report said. In all, 80% of total plastic produced in India is discarded.It mostly ends up choking landfills, drains and rivers and flows into the sea where it is ingested by marine animals. It leaches into soil and water, contaminating the natural environment with poisonous dioxins.Our project focus on cleanliness and hygiene will shift focus towards use of clean technology i.e. non-polluting in nature. It will involve use of biodegradable fuel and products. Any shift towards clean technology will have positive ripple effect on the entire economy. Our project should not be linked only to cleanliness and hygiene but it has larger objective of putting India in the league of nations working towards technological develpment for future.


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