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The Smart walking band and insole

UN SDG Category : Good Health and Well-being
Innovator : S.Sharanya, S.Shruthi, V.Srilathaa, A.Thevatharshini, B.Vaishali
Project Guide: Rajesh Kannan
Institution : St.Joseph's college of engineering

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Problem Statement
Old aged people are mostly prone to sudden health diseases and emergency situations. This creates a fear in them and prevents them to go for a walk individually. Hence the average number of old aged people walking is reducing rapidly.

The innovated smart walking band encourages the old aged people to go for a walk individually. It not only measures the distance covered, number of steps moved and the calories burnt,but also it measures the heart beat rate also. In addition to this, old aged people are prone to stroke also where the temperature of the body rapidly increases, hence this health band measures the sudden change in temperature of the body. Additional features like if the person is climbing up or down can be detected. An smart insole is also a part of this, where the foot pressure is measured. In case of any abnormal measurement a message is sent to the relatives automatically. An emergency button is also attached to this smart band so that the person using it can also try contacting the people nearby. Hence this smart walking band and insole encourages a safe walk for the old aged ones.

The old aged people will be the most beneficiary ones of this project since this will encourage them to go for a walk.

All kinds of emergency situation in the field of health can be identified. Automatic messages to the relatives and emergency button for the user is felt as noteworthy.

India's Sustainable Development
This will improve the overall health rate of the old aged ones in India if implemented.


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