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Electric Vehicle

UN SDG Category : Sustainable Cities and Communities
Innovator : R Bharath Raam E Lokeshwaran, Aakash, Dinesh Subramanum, Prathana, Ashik, Aravinthan, Roopika , Dennis Lincy Sneha, Bernice, Gowri Shankar, Niveditha, Dhachainyani, Reena, Irudhaya Amala Sophia, Vanitha, Naveen, Booma, Jerin Anand
Project Guide: Robert Rajkumar
Institution : Loyola-ICAM College of Engineering and Technology

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Problem Statement
To Create a powerful and energy efficient Electric Scooter and reduce pollution.

To utilize an energy efficient electric motor to achieve higher performance and range. this would lead to decreased pollution and greener environment

Everyone in the society, because as pollution comes down it would increase the air quality, leading to better health.This would also make many people to switch over to electric vehicle

We used a hub motor which the first in an electric vehicle.

India's Sustainable Development
It would help in India converting to a more pollution free country. And to move on to growing trend of electric vehicles. Our vehicle runs at a maximum speed of 80km/hr and it will run for 10 hours at maximum speed under ideal (no load) condition. Thus it will run approximately for 7 to 8 hours under loaded conditions.


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