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Smart Braille System

UN SDG Category : Quality Education
Innovator : Priya Dharshini, Ranjith Raj B
Project Guide: Dr P Ezhilarasi
Institution : St.Joseph's College of Engineering

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Problem Statement
Nearly 80 percent of the world's blind children are not learning to read and write because they are not aware of Braille or given access to it. Also, there are very few number of teachers who come forward for teaching the blind or deafblind children. Hence education remains unsure for the visually impaired. They dependent on someone always for learning, even to read a newspaper. Our project proves to be a solution for this problem.

Our prototype scans the image of a page of any books such as textbook, notebook, magazine, newspaper, etc and processes it followed by converting it into Braille code word by word. The prototype converts each character into Braille code and moves to the next word after confirming that the word has been studied and understood. Therefore, education for blind and deafblind children can be made almost similar to other children.

This device will be helpful for educating the blind and deafblind children. This device can also be used by blind or deafblind people to read books and newspapers. It makes them independent of others for learning.

The novel feature of this project is that any character, an alphabet, a number or a punctuation mark can be converted into Braille code which provides more information about the pronunciation of a word. Also, this device is not restricted to certain books. Any print material can be accessed using this device.

India's Sustainable Development
Not everyone has the same talent, but everyone must be provided equal opportunity to express their talents. The visually impaired should not consider their disability as an obstacle when it comes to education. Thus expanding their limits to gaining knowledge is essential in making a sustainable country.


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