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Oxygen Analyzer And Purifier Using Zeolite

UN SDG Category : Good Health and Well-being
Innovator : Abdul Raheem.S, Mohamed Munthasir.A, Kailash Kuumaran.S, Srinivasan.T, Abdul Faroz.A
Project Guide: Oma Mageswari.M
Institution : Sri Manakula Vinayagar Engineering College

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Problem Statement
Some or Many individuals are suffering breathing problems so they require adequate amount of oxygen in regular period of time for that they need to travel to hospital to get oxygen since its difficult to buy an oxygen cylinder or to place them.So by this project we gonna identify the oxygen present in our atmosphere with other atmospheric air and purify out oxygen.

The atmospheric air consists of Nitrogen(78%) with oxygen(20%) CO2 & other gases(0.03%),Inert Gases(0.97%) and water vapour(1%) this the common composition of atmospheric air.First we are gonna analyze the amount of oxygen present in the room and absorb the atmospheric air in an container by using Zeolite we convert the other gases present in the Atmosphere to Oxygen so that the patient or individual can get 100% oxygen with handy instrument.

Patients suffering from Asthma,Pneumonia,RDS,etc require oxygen so that they can breath easily and patients with low oxygen level in the blood.It will be useful for them so that they don't have to travel a long distance especially village peoples and poor peoples who cant afford to buy.

First the cost issue an oxygen concentrator costs around 30,000 INR and the price of oxygen cylinder is also high and the one cannot store them but through our innovation a handy oxygen concentrator can be designed with free of cost oxygen and it can be taken wherever you want!

India's Sustainable Development
Previously I mentioned about the cost based problem and Our Country consists of many villages without Villages there won't be India so peoples from village they have to travel all the way to the hospital instead of travelling long and spending much to get oxygen we can filtered oxygen directly get it from atmosphere through our device!


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