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ESmart Ambulance Navigation

UN SDG Category : Sustainable Cities and Communities
Innovator : Abishai Jacob, HARISH KUMAR.B, Emmanuel Patrick, R. K. Asmitha, J.BASTIN JOEMICS, A.ABHISHEAK, Ishwarya Thiagarraj
Project Guide: Dr. P.EZHILARASI
Institution : St Joseph's college of engineering

Problem Statement
The number of deaths due to the fact that the ambulance reaches the hospital late has been numerous due to the increase in traffic. The traffic system not only doesn't it allow the ambulance to reach the hospital on time it also blocks its path. With huge rush and a large line of cars ambulances find it difficult to reach the hospital during the golden hour. So we students have come up with the best possible solution.

Every ambulance and the traffic lights will have a processing unit which we have developed that helps in automatic connection between the ambulance and the traffic light system if the ambulance is in vicinity with the traffic light system. Also the driver(ambulance) will have to toggle between the modes namely, Critical, Moderate, or no patients inside. Depending upon the selection of this mode, the ambulance will be given preference in the Traffic Routing System. This will solve the problem in case of the more than one ambulance approaches the same signal in the same time. Once if the ambulance is moved away from the vicinity of the traffic lights, the Traffic signal system will be returned to normal state.

Patients on the verge of death relying on an ambulance. People who are in serious cases will need this help. Pregnant women, people who have met with a serious accident, and people who are in other serious condition. We sympathize with the patients who are battling for their life to keep holding on just as long just so that the ambulance can reach the hospital. We do not want a patient to die just because the ambulance was too late to reach the hospital. We think this would benefit the patients and we believe it may change lives

There hasn't been any innovation so as to change the traffic signal to allow the ambulance to pass freely. This innovation will do so. This might cause discomfort to some drivers but this innovation may save many lives. We are very confident that this will help the patients relying on the ambulance to reach the hospital on time.

India's Sustainable Development
To make india a better place, our country will be the first to install automated traffic systems so as to allow easy passing of ambulances. Not only will this save many lives but it will reduce the manual traffic cop work. The regulation of traffic will be smooth and ambulances will not have trouble with reaching the hospital on time. India's traffic system will have a huge upgrade and so will the ambulances. Automation will bought into India as the first Automated Traffic System for ambulances.


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