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UN SDG Category : Climate Action
Innovator : DHIVAKAR R, L.Barakathullah, J.Venkatesh, M.Kishore Kumar
Project Guide: Ramani.M
Institution : Sri Manakula Vinayagar Engineering College

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Problem Statement
The problem seeked by our innovation is giving an inexpensive solution for air pollution monitoring , SWOT analysis of environment to know the status of the surrounding and conservation of ecosystem.To monitor the remote areas is not possible and a continuous live accurate monitoring system is not available .In order of transportation some product need to be maintained in some climatic and surroundings .

The solution is to measure the quality of air and here we are using a combination of sophisticated devices and app which can fixed in vehicles to analyse climate of a certain and this system is used for monitoring of AQI for different location. Here we use sds011 pm 2.5/pm 10 pm sensor whose range is 0.0-999.9µg/m3 which gives the values of gases present in a particular location using GPS module which uses microcontroller like Arduino with Wi-Fi module or raspberry pi to upload and store the values of AQI with its location in cloud which is an open source.

it will be useful for people who have breathing problems etc., they can see the current situation where ever they were going .for transporters . medical association , government etc. Due to air pollution over the area the person who has breathing problems will suffer in those areas in order to prevent or intimate the current situation to the person this projects helps us to intimate them and also this data helps the transporters . where as in government side the monitoring of the industries 24X7 is not possible in order to overcome this problem this data over the region is used .

This innovation is based about the gathering of data all over the region without extra man power and to monitor the remote places and industries The most power efficient sensor and the smart algorithm over the cloud computing system help the government , transporters and patients

India's Sustainable Development
This innovation will help us to monitor over the remote places without any extra labor power . which will help to monitor all the industries and areas which are affected due to air contamination . where this data is more important for transportation and people who have breathing problems .this is a low cost device which can be easily fit into any vehicles .


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