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UN SDG Category : Gender Equality
Innovator : Joshiba.C, S.Kavya, M.Shalini, E.Priyadharshini
Project Guide: Ramani.M
Institution : Sri Manakula Vinayagar Engineering college

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Problem Statement
This is a project which can be widely used in hospitals during emergency purpose when a patient is in emergency condition . This type of smart robot is used to guide the patient in various ways including other countries languages especially for uneducated people and foreigners. The problem is the patients are not properly guided in the hospitals. We provide a solution for that problem by inventing a smart receptionist. This robot can automatically fill the application form and helps the patient by providing the details of the doctor present at that particular time by identifying their disease using general medical terms.It can also call the doctor who is not on duty during critical situations . We have also set face recognition for our receptionist.No tiredness or salary is required . Therefore, our smart receptionist is superlative than a human receptionist.

Small amount of investment is affordable for this project where raspberry pi 3b+ is cost effective . It is cheap, small in size and consumes low power .We use artificial intelligence and machine learning which will make our project an advanced one.Artificial intelligence has the combination of the hospital data within it which will guide the uneducated and blind people.

It is very smart and advanced version of robotics. It will guide the people arriving at the hospitals during critical conditions such as automatic filling of application forms and also provides information about the doctor available at that particular time for consultancy by identifying the disease of the patient. Easy for analyzation .Investment for this project is affordable.Both the educated and uneducated people are benefited. It will save the life of critical people arriving at the hospital since time consumption is saved where our artificial intelligence helps the people by providing information on whatever queries they ask by surfing the data and providing the information to them .

Only python and raspberry- pi 3b+ is used. It can be widely used for saving life of critical patients who are in need for emergency consultancy in hospitals. It is mainly useful for uneducated people arriving at the hospital. This robot will guide the people to the doctor and can automatically fill the admission form of the patient without further time delay which is the major cause of death of patients arriving at hospitals during critical conditions.Artificial intelligence is developed through the google cloud console platform . We also set up a monitor which contains information of other hospitals, about the doctors available at that particular time which will be useful in saving the life of critical people, if the doctor is not available. We also set up face recognition for our smart receptionist.

India's Sustainable Development
Our robot will immediately guide the people to the doctor and can automatically fill the admission form of the patient without further time delay which is the major cause of death of patients arriving at hospitals during critical conditions.In India, the hospitals do not provide good guidance for the patients arriving at hospitals mainly in government hospitals.By using our robot this issue can be solved immediately and many lives can be saved .Our robot is new technology introduced by us in India which is going to be existing technology in future India.We have also set face recognition . Other main advantage of our smart receptionist is it will call the doctor automatically at the time of emergency , if that particular doctor is not on duty at that particular time.


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