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Redefining Women

UN SDG Category : Gender Equality
Innovator : Alamelu, M.Derryshia
Project Guide: R.Sujatha
Institution : St.Joseph's college of engineering

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Problem Statement
"Where there is no gender equality there is no peace".Gender equality arises mainly due to education.Education is the foremost thing one should have in their life.The secondary reason for inequality are health,survival inequality,occupational inequality,political inequality. selection abortion 2.women abusement Survival inequality:1.discrimination in society 2.patriarchal society 3.son preference forced by men 4.dowry Occupational inequality:1.entrepreneurship 2.teaching 3.military services. Economical inequality: 1. labour participation 2.labour selection rights. Political inequality:only 65 members in Parliament are women out of 545 members in 16th Lok sabha,which needs to be rectified, and given equal seats for both men and women.

1.By stopping child marriage and sexual harassment. 2.Make education gender sensitive(women's should be equally educated to men). 3.Rise aspirants of girls and their parents. 4.Empower mother's:Mothers are good guiders to make their girl child educated. 5.Give proper values to women's work. 6.Get women into power. 7.Encourage women to non-traditional activities. 8.Stop violence and dominations. 9.Beware the blacklash. 10.Offer child care solution.

Gender discrimination will be promoted and equality will be followed through out our mother nation.Gender equality prevents violence against women.Human Rights will be evenly distributed.Gender equality makes community safer and healthier.Gender diversity in leadership roles boosts business performance.Sharing household work leads to happier relationship.Gender equality makes children's life better.Improves democracy.Gender equality increases freedom since it gives individuals freedom to do anything they want to do,rather than limit them arbitary to a subset of activities judged "appropriate"for their gender.

1.Break bound arises for strategic partnership. 2.Encouragement in design and diffusion. 3.Cultivate champions. 4.Capitalize on opportune timing and context. 5.Target approach to reach poor women. 6.Synergise top down and bottom up of approaches. 7.promoting women as innovators and entrepreneurs. 8.Making women and girls to participate in global technology revolution. 9.Celebrating women in leadership. 10.Encouraging women in scientific fields.

India's Sustainable Development
"Measurement of progress of community is determined by degree of process which women has achieved." 1.India's development can be increased by bringing equality among each individuals. 2.No domination among same and different genders spreads development over mother nation. 3.When literate level increases automatically respect for women will also be increased,then no discrimination is followed. 4.Indian economy gets increased when equality is achieved. 5.India will be in one of the secured place for women. 6.Half of the work done by women in India is unpaid.,hence on giving proper wages to women,India will be developed further more. 7.If women go to job then 90 percentage of women spend their wages on their family, to avoid financial crises. 8.Women's could be engaged in marketing fields to increase the yield. "WE DO NOT WISH WOMEN TO HAVE POWER OVER MEN;BUT OVER THEMSELVES."


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