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UN SDG Category : Sustainable Cities and Communities
Innovator : Ananya
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Institution : Global Academy of Technology

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Problem Statement
Network security is increased day by day with powerful technologies everywhere in this world for all purposes.Honeypot is a unique security resource, whose value lies in being identified, detected, attacked and track the hackers. Honeyd, a framework for virtual honeypots that simulates virtual computer systems at the network level. With the help of Low interaction Honeypot tool ,Honeyd resolves security problems in our daily bases routines which we face in big organizations. The main objective of this concept is to prohibit the anonymous users so they invented a new impressive technology for Intrusion Detection System (IDS) to defend the network from intruders.

In this growing IT arena, there is also a need to strengthen its security. Preventive, Detective and Responsive measures have to be undertaken in order to improve IT Security. To improve our Security and to fight the enemy, we must know them, befriend them and learn from them. Hackers can find our computers in just 30 mins. Malicious attackers are constantly scanning our network looking for vulnerable loopholes and open ports. But without the knowledge of the enemy, how can we defend ourselves? We have to think like a hacker in order to stop a hacker. To many, honeypot is a new form of security technology.

Honeypot is definitely a valuable asset to an organization who constantly gets hacked. To understand hackers attack patterns and techniques, the tools they used, how they interact with one another, organizations should deploy honeypots. By doing so and from the information collected, they can better build stronger defenses to protect their IT infrastructure.Instead, they should take note of the risk involved in implementing and deploying honeypots. Proper security measures such as buying honeypot with latest patches, system patching of the underlying operating system, proper access and data control mechanisms, and adhering to best security practices have to be in place. I believe honeypots are still in their infancy and new developments will occur over time. Because, as hackers get smarter with their attacks, honeypots have to be more advanced to complement these attacks.

Usage of Honeypots with the Honeyd’s design and shows how the Honeyd framework helps in many areas of system security. Eg:detecting and disabling worms, distracting adversaries, or preventing the spread of spam email.

India's Sustainable Development
Nowadays the whole world is Internet-ed. So society being safe in this era is at most important. More technology used for the betterment of the human living shouldn't be a cause for the destruction of the same. So securing the communities from the Bad Guys is most important. And to stop Digital Crimes and enjoying both virtual world and real world safely. As the Technology is growing exponentially as well as more security risk are developed. So, providing the Solution for this problem by setting the trap for the hackers to be detected and to track their activities and techniques of attack on the internet.


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