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UN SDG Category : Responsible Consumption and Production
Innovator : Vishwaa simon
Project Guide:
Institution : Sri manakula vinayagar engineering college

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Problem Statement
The problem my innovation seeking to address is the fuel consumption in cars as there is a petrol and Diesel hike

My innovation is that the car runs on petrol till a certain speed , after attaining certain speed the air flowing in the opposite direction will start to enter the car through its front and which will rotate the turbine at the required speed in which the car is moving and so the car moves at the same speed and the petrol , diesel engine will go off there by consuming them . Even the battery cars need electricity and thereby saving electricity

All the people who are owning cars will be benefited by my innovation and the goverment and nature also have their benefits

There is no production of energy in my innovation.

India's Sustainable Development
My solution is better than the existing solutions has India has both electricity and fuel crisis


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