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Garbage Monitoring System Using IoT

UN SDG Category : Sustainable Cities and Communities
Innovator : R. SURESH, Rakesh.K, Thaneshwaran.S
Project Guide: Ranjeeth. C
Institution : Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College

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Problem Statement
Garbage is one of our biggest effects on nature. Raising population is one of the biggest threat for the proper disposal of garbage. Throwing garbage in the streets or burning extra garbage is the main problem that India is facing, and in result it also reduce the pollution amount due to the smoke of burning garbage and the diseases caused because of the uncovered garbage in streets where people walk through and others live nearby.

Taking the problems faced by India in proper disposal of garbage in account, we are developing the garbage monitoring system using IoT. This smart dustbin notifies the garbage cleaner/collector (municipality worker) whenever it is full or when it meets with a malfunction in the bin. The dustbin is attached with two sensors (ie. Ultrasonic and weight sensor) we can easily monitor the overflow of the bin with the help of MESSAGE ALERT SYSTEM to the Municipality Workers with the help of IoT.

By SMS ALERT, the filled condition of the bin can be easily and precisely monitored by the local municipality workers so that it will be easy for them to dispose the wastes properly .

The work of the weight sensor is to check the weight of the waste present in the smart dustbin and to notify when the weight limit exceeds the given certain value. The precise functioning of a smart dustbin can be achieved by not only checking the ultrasonic sensor and also by checking the weight of waste contents present in the smart dustbin. As when the ultrasonic sensor fails by large obstacles placed near the sensing part of it, the secondary sensor called weight sensor is used to check the space availability for putting wastes in the dustbin.

India's Sustainable Development
As a result we can easily achieve the full effect of SWACHH BHARAT and we can make India as one of the CLEANEST NATION in the World. By making our country clean, we may be sick free and wealthy. So that we can make India to be the Developed Nation in the world as soon as possible.


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