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UN SDG Category : Sustainable Cities and Communities
Innovator : R.B.Govarshini, N Devishri, B Anjana, P Aradhana,S S Aarthika
Project Guide: Dr.S.Rajesh Kannan
Institution : St.Joseph's college of Engineering

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Problem Statement
There is a high consumption of power by air conditioners in public buildings,gathering halls,etc. The temperature of the air conditioner is maintained constant irrespective of the number of people present and climatic conditions outside .Low temperature is required only when large numbers of people are present.So we are trying to reduce the power consumed by air conditioners unnecessarily.

Air conditioner is the main appliance that consumes a lot of energy. Sometimes they are used unnecessarily in places where there are less amount of people. To avoid such unnecessary use of energy we proposed the idea of changing the temperature of the air conditioner depending on the number of people in a circle of area and the weather outside. The number of people can be found by finding no. of people entering and exiting the area. Every time a person enters or leaves the area it is updated in the cloud storage which keeps a count of the number of people inside the area. This data is fetched from the cloud to control the temperature of the air conditioner. In the same way the atmospheric temperature is also measured using temperature sensors and is updated in the cloud which is also used to control the temperature of the air conditioner.

This would benefit the country as the overall power consumption of the country will be reduced.This can save a lot of energy. The power consumed by such leisure activity places will be reduced . This can help the government to supply this saved energy to the people who are really in need of them.

The use of IOT to control the temperature of the air conditioner depending on the number of people and climatic conditions outside is the noteworthy point in our innovation. This is implemented in air conditioner as they are the ones which consume a lot of energy.

India's Sustainable Development
India is facing a lot of energy issues. A lot of places are having frequent power cuts and some places don’t even have electricity. Efficient power management is the major solution for these issues .Therefore this can reduce the power consumption and sustain power management can be done.


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