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Smart Mirror

UN SDG Category : Good Health and Well-being
Innovator : Srilathaa V, Shruthi S , Vaishali.B , Theva Tharshini A, Sharanya S
Project Guide: Dr P Ezhilarasi
Institution : St.Joseph's College Of Engineering

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Problem Statement
The world we live in today has become a place of competition. People struggle to get a job and survive in it. Especially for people who work in the IT field, they have to work very hard to survive. They tend to forget about themselves (ie health) and about their surroundings..

In their busy schedule of life, People tend to spend some time in front of their mirror before going out. At that time, updates may be very useful since they won't forget it at the last minute. Smart Mirror helps one to be updated about the weather, time, date, remainders set for the day etc, while getting ready for work, by simply looking into their mirror. One need not turn on the TV to watch the news, since our Smart Mirror will be able to get you updated with any news of interest.

The Smart Mirror can be used by people of all ages. Any person is known to forget important assignments of the day. As well as they tend to forget to take care of their health. Smart Mirror helps people to take care of their health by keeping track of their medical history everyday and It will also provide news and personal calendar so that one will be updated for the day.

The Smart Mirror along with our face reflection additionally show date, time, calendar, weather and news. It has face recognition which switches the information shown on the mirror based on the person in front of it. One can track their medical history everyday. We can play songs using google assistant.

India's Sustainable Development
India is home for a lot of IT companies. Workers have to work day and night to survive in it. They work very hard and forget to take care of their health and learn about their surroundings. Health plays a major role in India’s sustainable development. An easy way to keep updated with our health and surroundings is by using our Smart Mirror. In the short period of time while getting ready for work, one does not have time to turn on TV or look at their calendar. Smart mirror gives the whole package of TV, calendar and many more.


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