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Biodegradable plastic films for bags and packagings

UN SDG Category : Responsible Consumption and Production
Innovator : Tejas Dattatray Zagade, Karan Subhash Chavan, Indrajeet Chandrakant Nikam
Project Guide: Mahesh Vasant Pisal
Institution : TGP Bioplastics

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Problem Statement
Plastic carry-bags are one of the big problems. Cloth bags are comparatively costly and paper bags are not eco-friendly. India consumes more than 3.9 Lac tonnes of plastic bags each year which ends up clogging gutters and sewer systems. Ultimately they pollute oceans. Industrial packaging is also one of the major pollutants with 45% of total plastic consumption. This includes plastic coatings, covers on new products, etc. This is also a vast source of pollution. Death of marine animals, soil pollution, water pollution, chemical leaching are its major impacts. This also accelerates Global warming.

We have made 100% biodegradable plastic carry-bags to fill this market gap. Usually carry-bags should fulfill two main functions in Market; low price and high load bearing capacity. Our carry bags, G-Bags as we call them, are very price competitive yet they can carry the same amount of load.We can also use them for some industrial and parcel packaging. There are other biodegradable plastic available in the market but their high price makes people hesitant to purchase them. We have kept our rates competitive so that people can afford them. We believe that if technology is not affordable, then it cannot be used by common people and this became our of of the missions.

Usually sellers bear the cost of carry bags. We all as customers don't purchase them separately. However, everybody who is buying something from retail market is our Beneficiary.

We have made our product from all biodegradable materials with majority of Corn starch. It has mechanical strength to carry loads. But at the same time it is affordable as well; which is new in the market. We are now patenting this product and process of manufacturing as well.

India's Sustainable Development
Plastic are versatile materials and practically we cannot remove them from the market. But we can give them a new Sustainable Alternative. This enables people to achieve 'Responsible Consumption.' We as a company, use renewable natural resources to fulfill our inventory. This enable us to achieve 'Responsible Production.' Also, our product ensures sustainable consumption and production patterns.


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