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Power efficient street lights

UN SDG Category : Sustainable Cities and Communities
Innovator : R.B.Govarshini, N Devishri , B Anjana, P Aradhana , S S Aarthika
Project Guide: Dr.S.Rajesh Kannan
Institution : St.Joseph's College of Engineering

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Problem Statement
In today's world the consumption of power keeps increasing.So we decided to minimize the use of power in street lights.They are ON for nearly 12 hours per day.So we can see that they consume a lot of power.

Street lights could be made to glow only when there is vehicle or human movement and to remain at OFF state when there is no movement.For this we make use of a non contact thermal sensor to detect the presence of humans and a radar sensor to detect the movement of vehicles.Non contact thermal sensor detects the presence of humans through heat generated by the human body.Radar sensor is used for detecting movable objects.By placing these two sensors on the street lights, depending upon the distance of the objects(human presence and vehicle movement)the street lights would automatically turn ON and OFF,that is if the distance is less street lights will turn ON automatically and turn OFF if the distance is more.

This would benefit the country as the overall power consumption of the country will be reduced. This can save a lot of energy and thus this energy could be used for other essential purposes. The power producing capacity of the country will be reduced.

Usage of radar and non contact thermal sensor for obstacle detection using distance as the key factor.

India's Sustainable Development
Electricity could be saved.Lot of power is consumed as the street light glows even there is no use for it.Thus the power is being wasted.Instead of wasting power it could be used for other essential purposes.


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