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Disaster management robots for detection and location of affected people

UN SDG Category : Climate Action
Innovator : AISHWARIYA E
Project Guide: Dr.S.Rajesh Kannan

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Problem Statement
In today's world disasters occuring due to natural calamities are catastrophic.People are at great risk of losing lives. It also becomes impossible for the rescue team to detect and locate people. Moreover, they are also at a risk of losing their lives when they work at hazardous regions. This project aims to develop a cost efficient robot that can help detect the people in affected areas with its exact distance and also streams live video of the place where affected people are present.This method saves the life of affected people and also finds out hidden people at highly affected and risky places.

The disaster management robot is developed by using latest technology Internet of Things(IoT).The advancement in IoT has paved way for development of robots. The robot is given mobility,ability to find and detect the exact distance at which the obstacle is present from it.It also streams live video using web camera to identify the type of obstacle.The main advantage is that it also supports the use of night vision camera to capture obstacles even at dark places.The robot is cost efficient compared to other robots.The software development for the project is very simple and has reduced set of coding lines and is based on Linux platform.The robot consists of PIR sensor to detect live human.The live human body with a temperature above absolute temperature emits infrared radiation that are invisible to normal eye.These radiations strike the sensor that detects live human.

The success rate of the robot is high as they can survive in hard surfaces despite the climatic conditions.As this project aims at managing disasters, each and every individual are benefited by this method. The majority of people lose their lives during disasters as they could not protect themselves from resulting danger. Both the rescue team and the affected people are safe by this method.When manpower is implemented,it is difficult to find people in each and every affected areas as the rescuers prioritize their own lives. When this method is implemented,the robots operating instead of man provide more success rates comparatively. They aim at providing security to rescuers and also help to save people's lives.

The robots are usually developed using high level languages. But this robot is developed using a combination of high and low level languages. The low level tasks such as mobility for robots are implemented using low level commands using shell script whereas the high level programming language like Python is used only for complex tasks such as obstacle detection and operates purely on Linux platform.The robot can save the captured images of an object that has been detected and communicate the information to the web. A separate webpage is designed using HTML and XML for implementing web communication.

India's Sustainable Development
We do not have a better solution for disaster management as far as concerned. This project provides a solution for protecting people's life. They also provide guarantee to the life of rescuers who are at a great risk of losing life.The success rate of lives would be comparatively increased to that of other methods. This could be implemented in place where manpower is impossible.The current method does not focus much on highly risky areas where people are trapped during calamities. Sometimes,it does not even come to the notice of rescuers. But this method satisfies the above conditions that are not possible by other methods. It is a multipurpose robot performing various tasks at a single stretch.It can also save and record the information during its function period and review for future purpose.


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