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Smart Garbage Management

UN SDG Category : Sustainable Cities and Communities
Innovator : Subalakshmi P, Puviarasi P,Aishwarya B, Preetha G
Project Guide: Dr.T. Vigneswari
Institution : Sri Manakula Vinayagar Engineering College

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Problem Statement
The common problem of overflowing and unattended garbage bins with waste all around is a threat to humans and the environment. The untimely clearing up of garbage bins and inefficient following up and management procedures of the garbage has been a serious issue in recent times.

To avoid this hazardous scenario and maintain public health and cleanliness, this project aims at automating the garbage management process by the use of IoT. This involves an alert system which helps in monitoring and detecting wastes at the right time, thereby preventing the overflow of garbage bins.

This project would be beneficiary to all the parties in the ecosystem like the commoners, sanitation workers and municipal authorities.

Since it is automated, this garbage management process involves less human effort, time and cost, given the present day technology. It not only alerts the sanitation workers, but would also alert the commoners before the garbage collection is scheduled, so that they can dispose off their waste on time, reducing the piling up of the bin.

India's Sustainable Development
Smart garbage system is a key factor for a society which paves way for CLEAN INDIA( SWATCH BHARATH). The current digital era provides great opportunities for smart garbage management that allows us to adopt sustainability policies in this critical field. It could be easily deployed anywhere thereby paving way not only for effective clearing of garbage but also improving the contribution towards the recycling industry by timely collection of recyclable waste.


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